The Centre for Judicial Studies (CJS)

Irrespective of the country or culture, women are the poorest of the poor, the most marginalised of the disadvantaged.  These Rongelap women were displaced from their contaminated atoll by US atomic testing in the Marshall Islands

The Centre for Judicial Studies specialises in reforming justice systems around the world through official development assistance (foreign aid).  We provide services to courts, governments, universities and international development agencies.

CJS promotes justice by improving the organizational and professional effectiveness of courts and other justice sector providers. Our services include:

• Justice reform and development policy advice
• Development strategy design and planning
• Justice system performance management
• Monitoring and evaluation

We consult extensively around the developing world, working with major donors such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Australian Aid.

Dr. Livingston Armytage, founding director of CJS, is a globally acknowledged jurist working in justice reform. He is also an educator, researcher and author.


first CJS improves the lives of people in
developing countries
by empowering by empowering the poor the oppressed victims of crime people living beyond the state the displaced CJS promotes CJS promotes gender-based equality before the law justice in the workplace better law enforcement CJS advocates CJS advocates access to justice by consulting the judiciary assessing court systems inspecting jails holding community consultations planning solutions solving problems exchanging experience end © L. and M. Armytage 2014
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