Over the past twenty years, the Centre for Judicial Studies has advised courts around the world, undertaking numerous projects for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations, USAID and Australian Aid.

Current and past projects conducted by CJS

» 2010 – Present

» 2005 – 2009

» 2000 – 2004

» 1995 – 1999

2010 – Present

Pacific Judicial Strengthening Initiative (NZAID)

Pacific region November 2015 – December 2022

Livingston is serving as Technical Director for the Federal Court of Australia, and is responsible for strategy, direction, quality and high-level engagement.

Displaced women from Rongelap meet on Mejatto Island in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
Rongelap was contaminated by radiation during US nuclear weapons tests

Supporting customary justice in remote communities

PJSI is currently researching and developing ways in which to support customary systems and processes to administer justice in remote communities across the Pacific.

Stakeholder consultations on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu 2019

Federal Judicial Academy, Pakistan
Counter-terrorism Associated Prosecution Reform Initiative (CAPRI)


Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi August – November 2015 x 2 missions

Capacity-building strategic advice and Train-the-Trainer (TOT)

FJA-2015-1 cropped

Pacific Judicial Development Program (NZAID)

Pacific region June 2010 – 2015

Livingston is serving as Team Leader for the Federal Court of Australia, the managing service contractor. PJDP supports judicial development in 14 Pacific Island Countries, namely: the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

Local Orientationwatch

The Pacific Judiciary looks to tech developmentlisten

Law School development for Tokelau Judgeslisten

Big development changes ahead for Pacific judiciarylisten

Pacific courts administer better justice

At the Supreme Court of Bangladesh



Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Bangladesh 2013 – 2014

International justice reform advisor

“Exchanging experience of promoting justice: the role of lawyers in Bangladesh”

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
Nepal 2010 – 2013

Livingston is serving as ICJ’s Senior Justice Advisor in “Strengthening Substantive Equality Rights in Nepal through Integrated Justice Sector Reform”, focusing on legally empowering Dalit women, working with the supreme Court and the National Judicial Academy.

UNDP, Bangladesh Judicial Strengthening (JUST) Project
Bangladesh 2013

International Advisor

Papua New Guinea-Australia Law & Justice Program (AusAID)
October 2011 – March 2012

Team Leader, Independent Progress Review

“There’s lots of good stuff in your report that reflects where we want to take the program, either in the short-term or in a future phase,” Catherine Gill, Law & Justice Program Director, AusAID, PNG 29 March 2012

Azerbaijan Judicial Modernisation Project (World Bank)
September 2010 – March 2011

Reform Specialist. Undertook needs assessment and strategic planning. Developed operating procedures and curricula for institutionalizing the Justice Academy.

2005 – 2009

Commissioned Issues Paper
(U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, EU Norway) July 2009

Monitoring Judicial Integrity: Lessons for Implementation of UNCAC Art.11


Samoa's Law and Justice Sector Steering Committee, Apia

Samoa’s Law and Justice Sector Steering Committee, Apia

Samoa’s Law and Justice Reform Strategy (AusAID and NZAID)
Apia September 2007 – 2009

Law and Justice Sector advisor. Responsible for providing advice to the Government of Samoa on the design, development and implementation of its new Law and Justice Sector strategy, including detailed formulation of all strategies and priorities; development of capacity; and harmonisation of donor assistance.

Federal Court of Australia – National Judicial Development Program 2008

Asian Development Bank – Evaluation of Judicial Reform Assistance
Manila August – December 2007

Livingston was engaged by ADB’s Independent Evaluation Department as international advisor to assist in the special evaluation study of the Bank’s program of technical assistance supporting judicial reform across Asia between 1990 and 2007. He provided a review of the global literature of law and justice reform, and assessed judicial training activities.

Tampuan indigenous community Ratanakiri, NE Cambodia, January 2006

Tampuan indigenous community
Ratanakiri, NE Cambodia, January 2006

Cambodia – Access to Justice Program (UNDP)
Phnom Penh September 2005 – 2006

Senior Counsel – Legal & Judicial Reform. Responsible for providing upstream policy advice, support and program management on issues related to the administration and access to justice, and legal and judicial frameworks, to key stakeholders including Council for Legal and Judicial Reform, Council of Jurists and Ministry of Justice. Policy-level engagement at deputy prime minister, chief justice and ministerial levels. Extensive donor coordination role.

Facilitating the Strategic Planning Workshop of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, Phnom Penh.

Facilitating the Strategic Planning Workshop of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, Phnom Penh.

Cambodia – Khmer Rouge Tribunal
Phnom Penh April – July 2006

Senior Judicial Development Advisor – Direct and facilitate strategic and technical planning for the Judicial Chambers, conduct management planning for the Administrative Office, design and develop professional development strategy and training program for the KRT.

UC Berkeley lecture: “Does Rule of Law Reform Make a Difference?”

Afghanistan – Rule of Law Project (USAID)
Kabul 2005 – 2006 (4 Missions)

Judicial Training Specialist – Undertake the first national judicial training needs assessment and prepare comprehensive training strategy for the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. Advise the Chief Justice of Afghanistan on the establishment of the Supreme Court’s program of judicial education and training, review of stage training, design of continuing education program, development of methodologies for training needs assessment, training-of-trainers (ToT), and curriculum planning.

Justice Sector Support in Afghanistan

Supreme Court of Afghanistan, Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Workshop

Supreme Court of Afghanistan, Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Workshop

PNG's Law & Justice Sector Reform Program January 2003 - 2005Papua New Guinea’s “Justice Advisory Group” – JAG – (AusAID)
2003 – 2005 (21 missions)

PNG’s Law & Justice Sector Reform Program

Project Director: responsible for directing the provision of independent strategic and technical advice to GoPNG and AusAID on the performance of the law and justice sector agencies in relation to policy management and operational matters, and to oversee and monitor the law and justice sector-wide approach (SWAP) development program, which in conjunction with the Enhanced Cooperation Program is valued at AU$1Billion.


Major functional elements include:

  • sector strategic planning and priority-setting
  • designing a performance monitoring framework
  • developing information management capability
  • operationalising an integrated formal/informal sector restorative justice approach

Cambodia – Criminal Justice Assistance Program (AusAID)
Canberra August 2005

Technical specialist – (Law and Justice) Provide advice on possible future Government of Australia support to the criminal justice sector, and appraise concept paper for peer review on the next phase of assistance.

Fiji – Law & Justice Sector Program (AusAID)
Suva July 2005

Technical specialist – (Law and Justice) Provide an appraisal of strategic positioning of the Fiji Law & Justice Program, with an assessment of the program’s development and engagement strategies.

Cambodia – Royal School of Judges & Prosecutors (AusAID)
Phnom Penh 2005

Technical specialist – Design and conduct two capacity-building workshops each of two days in organisational planning and adult learning techniques (Training of Trainers – ToT) at the RJSP, Phnom Penh, in collaboration with the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO).

Vietnam – Assessment of Need for Training in Legal Drafting (Danida)
Hanoi March – June 2005 (2 missions)

Technical specialist – Research and submission of substantiated assessment of the training needed in legislative drafting in the Vietnamese central administration, with two options for curriculum implement.



2000 – 2004

Independent expert, AusAID’s Technical Assessment Panel

Bangladesh Legal & Judicial Capacity-building Project – US$40m (World Bank)
August, July 2004 and April 2003 (3 missions)

Strategic advisor and independent reviewer, Reforms Advisory Consultants (RAC)

Chief Justice of Balochistan First Provincial judicial Conference Quetta, Pakistan, 2002

Chief Justice of Balochistan
First Provincial judicial Conference
Quetta, Pakistan, 2002

Pakistan’s Access to Justice Reform Program
Islamabad, Pakistan
January 2001 – December 2002

US$350 million loan and Judicial and Legal Reform Project US$3 million TA grant (ADB)
Islamabad, Pakistan, January 2001 – December 2002

Core Team Leader: responsible for supporting the launch and implementation of US$350 million Access to Justice Program loan, and compliance with tranche conditionalities between ADB and the federal Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights. Also responsible for project management and implementation of US$3 million TA grant for technical assistance in pilot projects for judicial and legal reform; technical assistance relating to judicial policy-making, delay reduction pilot courts, access to justice, judicial training, legal education and reform of the legal profession, commercial dispute resolution capacity-building, and legislative reform; project management relating to timely delivery of outputs for forty international and domestic consultants (205 consultant months).

Significant achievements included the delay reduction project where backlog was reduced by 30%+ in one district, and case disposals increased by 246% in another – during the eight months pilot sittings.

Access to Justice Newsletter May 2006

ABC Radio Interview with Livingston 10 December 2002listen

Kingdom of Nepal Judicial Reform Project (ADB)
Kathmandu September 2000

ADB staff advisor on design of terms of reference for the project.

Maldives Legal & Judicial Reform Project (ADB)
Malé, Maldives September 2000 – July 2001

Team Leader for judicial component. Responsible for technical implementation of project including: publishing the first judges’ bench book, delivering seminars and workshop program, conducting train-the-trainer workshops, conducting overseas study tour for chief justice and judges, and designing curriculum for continuing judicial education.

Kingdom of Tonga Legal Strengthening Project (AusAID) 2000

Team Leader, and Independent Technical Advisor to AusAID: project design and monitoring of managing consultant.

Project Management, curriculum design and training of Judicial Delegation from the Philippines (CDI-AusAID) 2000

Design and delivery of the Australian component of this exchange program with the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA) on behalf of the Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI), ANU. Creation of “judicial placements” in the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of NSW; management of all instructional sessions, and consultations with the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and the Court of Appeal.

1995 – 1999

Independent Efficiency and Effectiveness Reviews of the Aboriginal Legal Aid Service
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders Commission (ATSIC) 1997-2000 (x13 reviews)

Organisational performance reviews of the operations of the legal aid service for indigenous peoples in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and NSW. Methodology is highly consultative with community and tribal peoples, staff, the judiciary, police, prison services and related legal service providers. Includes detailed practical recommendations to enhance strategic positioning and operational effectiveness.

Project management, curriculum design and training
Supreme Peoples Court of Vietnam Training Program (UNDP) 1999 (x3 delegations)

Design of judicial skills component of training program, needs assessment, management of faculty, workshop design, delivery of training sessions and project evaluation of three delegations of judges in joint venture with the Centre for Asian & Pacific Law, University of Sydney – CAPLUS.

Strategic Plan for Judicial Training throughout Pacific Region
Pacific Regional Judicial Training Project (UNDP) 1998 – 1999 (x4 missions)

Development of comprehensive strategic plan, needs assessment, resource assessment, risk assessment, design of priority training projects, governance structure, establishment and budgeting, related strategies, performance indicators and project evaluation.

Needs Assessment, Performance Management, and Project Evaluation
Mongolian Judiciary Technical Assistance Project for the International Development Law Institute
IDLI (USAID) 1997 – 1999 (x5 missions)

Three assignments to:

  1. conduct needs assessment for first judges’ bench book comprising consulting, interviewing and surveying judicial population and reporting findings;
  2. design performance management system; and
  3. measure performance indicators for project evaluation purposes.

Strategic Review of Judicial Education
Office of the State Courts Administrator, State of Missouri, USA October 1997

Review of the strategic direction and operational management of the program of judicial education for the State of Missouri, and to facilitate a process for the State Courts Administrator to identify and address challenges of growth.

Performance Indicators and Evaluation
Judicial Mentor Program, Haiti Administration of Justice Project (USAID) 1997

Design of performance assessment procedures to enable systematic measurement of (a) judicial performance and (b) impact of training interventions in designated aspects of competence. (For example: knowledge of law, court skills, efficiency of case management, and protection of human rights).

Strategies for the Development of Judges and Prosecutors of the Cambodian Courts
Design and Strategy Review for Judicial Education
Cambodian Court Training Project, International Human Rights Law Group (USAID)
1996 – 1997 (x3 missions)

Three missions to refine project strategies and priorities, design need assessment survey instrument, conduct planning workshops, draft program charter, design critical date plan, design inaugural national conference program, schedule conference production plan, design faculty development (train-the-trainer workshop), outline bench book proposal, set table of contents, prepare production schedule for bench book, design position description for editor, prepare style and writers’ guides, prepare meeting agenda for Minister of Justice, convene inaugural education committee meeting for Minister of Justice, devise judicial education advisory group agenda, critique external AID evaluation, and develop project evaluation framework.

Observations on the Program of Judicial Education
Administrative Office of the Courts, Utah, USA October 1996

Review of the strategic direction and operational management of the program of judicial education for the State of Utah, and provide specific recommendations for program development.

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